I can’t be the only one

If you’ve ever watched a Disney TV show, you’ve been inundated with “Pear” products, from the Pear Pod on iCarly to Victoria’s famous Pear Phone in Victorious. The phone even has a starring role in some episodes. But this is where awesome tech crosses cosplay. Sadly, the Pear phone with it’s cool shape and fun-looking […]

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No-face cosplay: mock up stage

I haven’t made a costume in a long time, but I think I still remember how. I’m starting with a small-scale mock-up of the design I want to make, in order to create a pattern and work out any flaws. Although small-scale clothing tends to stick out more than it’s bigger counterpart, I can kind […]

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Why is my body your problem?

Another day, another chance to tell someone what I used to do for a living and be called a liar. It’s impossible that someone as fat as I am was ever a model, a background actress, someone who was loved and followed…. It’s true my friends, this used to be me: My first Youtube videos […]

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