I can’t be the only one

If you’ve ever watched a Disney TV show, you’ve been inundated with “Pear” products, from the Pear Pod on iCarly to Victoria’s famous Pear Phone in Victorious. The phone even has a starring role in some episodes.

But this is where awesome tech crosses cosplay. Sadly, the Pear phone with it’s cool shape and fun-looking social media apps does not exist. It’s just a way for Disney to avoid copyright infringement by not mentioning the iPhone by name. Even the Pear phone’s shape is a result of Disney not wanting to make the phone too similar to an iPhone. But come on, LOOK at it…it’s so cool:

pear-phoneTo quote Shakespeare: I burn, I pine, I perish. Who wouldn’t want this phone? The design implies that the phone even has an advantage over the iPhone: a tabbed browsing system that allows you to customize specific apps to be accessible even one is open. Carly keeps her phone, messages, a video editing app, and what looks like a game handy, while Tori Vega’s phone is all about her friends:


and of course, her photos and videos.

This wouldn’t even be Disney’s first foray into creating not just media for electronics, but the consoles themselves. You may be old (or young) enough to remember the Disney TV set, which came in a number of designs and was geared toward younger kids:


Disney also already makes cell phones, and has their own phone network. Sure, it’s not all that available in North America, but it exists. The phones, though are sort of underwhelming compared to the completely awesome pear phone:


and admittedly, they look a little too much like the Apple product to ever pass the all-rights-reserved test. Disney, though, is a huge and iconic brand in and of itself, which leaves potential Pear Phone buyers wondering why Disney and apple can’t just collaborate on a project that, let’s face it, would make some serious bank.

In a perfect world, Disney will “pear” up with AT&T or some other cell phone network to create the Pear phone. In another perfect world, Apple will create an apple-shaped apple phone…wouldn’t that make a cute accessory.

And in a world that would give any social-climbing upper-crust…to quote Disney “wazzbag” fall all over him or herself with abject joy, Disney and Apple would collaborate on this project, uniting their superpowers to create the best phone ever made. Disney has already put a lot of money into advertising: we’ve been watching and falling in love with “Pear” products for almost fifteen years.

Would somebody introduce Tim Cook to Bob Iger already?


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