The Accidental Con: Costume-con 35

We’ve all been invited to that last minute con, and had to scramble for cosplay. When I saw an “I need help” post from Droo photographer on Facebook, I reached out. I know what it’s like to be stuck at a 9am to 11pm event with no help. But this was COSTUME CON and, as you can see above, the cosplays there were out of this world.

When I say cosplays, I mean costumes. These people are the crème de la crème of cosplayers, makers and builders of some of the coolest, most elaborate costumes I have ever seen.

I expected to only be there for one day, and decided to wear something with ease of movement. I went with a black a-line dress which is part of the grown up version of Kiki Im working on, and just threw on a Gigi hat. I was only working a booth, I was only there for a day, who cares, right? I mean, Droo wasn’t going to wear a costume….

I didn’t take the Missisauga transit into account. Things went wrong from the first second of my day. I woke up (in my makeup from the night before) at like, 9am, two hours away by bus and needing to be there by 10am. Crap.


It’s not exactly waking up in Vegas, but….actually living in Niagara is a lot like waking up in Vegas every day.

At least I already had my face on. But going through my already-packed suitcase looking for ready costume pieces was out of the question. I tossed on my standard stretchy black AEO dress and ran out the door, shouting “Get the bikes!” To Mike as I flew.

He brought the bikes, and we rode as fast as possible to the bus stop. I rode my bike through the mall to get to the stop before the bus pulled away, and some lady yelled at me but I was already gone. Mike apologized and Im pretty sure we’re not banned.

Ever since the government announced that they’d be legalizing pot, nobody really cares about rules anymore. You legalize infusing the air with a heavy narcotic, get used to people acting crazy.

I collapsed on the back of the bus, exhausted and faded but mostly happy. IMG_3891

It just went downhill from there. Even though I told the driver I’d probably only go to Burlington and end up ubering through Missisauga, he charged me for the entire trip. He complained rudely about having to load in a scooter, drove as slowly as possible, so that when we arrived in Burlington the bus I needed was passing us on its way out.

I waited 23 minutes for the next bus, which never came, and then ended up having to call someone to pick me up. We tried to get my bike in his car. I ended up with dirt all over my hands and clothes, but to this day my bike is still stuck in Burlington.

I arrived at 1pm, not 10am, but Drew said it was no issue since the booth had been Friday morning dead anyway. It picked up, unsurprisingly, after working hours.

Missisauga transit wasn’t working on the way back either, and I ended up deciding to stay the night which meant I was stuck in Missisauga in an Airbnb with one outfit, zero toothbrush, zero costume, zero hairbrush, no food, no money, and a free pass to a 4 day costume event.

It was time for some McGyver cosplay.

I can often pull together some form of cosplay from what I have on hand, but all I had on hand was a phone and a computer. So before I went back to the con I went shopping…on a $200 budget that was already allotted.

Because I am unable to attend the Lolita Tea Party at AN I needed a day 3 cosplay for the event. The girls had decided to do D.C. Heroes, so I went to Hot Topic.

FINALLY something went my way! The D.C. Heroes formalwear collection was on for $25 a dress. I love these dresses, especially the Wonder Woman:

IMG_3936So cute on the model! And yet another dress made for the short people of the world (or the tall ones, if you are particularly petite). On me, it looked like a fancy maternity dress. The large was so short it would have flipped up every time i sat down and showed my underwear. In general, I looked like a pregnant prom queen….


And the crown wasn’t helping. For reference, I’m 5’10” with a 44″ chest and a 34-35″ waist. I avoid princess cut clothing because it makes me look huge, but hot topic dresses are usually cut to fit my shape: huge in the chest with a cinched and adjustable waist.

This one is depicted as longer waisted than it was on. I’ll definitely be pulling this apart to adjust it, which is good news for you, because I’m going to show you how to rip apart your prom dress, your grandmas wedding dress, or any other piece of formalwear without destroying it.

I hope.

Hot tip: If youre in a rush and Sephora/Mac/etc have zero appointments, try a department store makeup counter. I’ve discovered most of my new favorites this way: after being turned away at the MAC counter by an attendant who ignored me for another customer and didn’t even acknowledge my existence, I met a wonderful makeup artist at the Shiseido booth and discovered my new favorite look.

When the order is “make me look like Wonder Woman” its hard to deliver but she did! Of course I had to buy this liner and lipstick. I almost hugged her! If you’re brown like me, you know how hard it is to find a true, bright red that doesn’t look orange or rusty the minute you put it on.

Shiseido delivered, and became my new makeup brand. I can even wear their mascara without reacting…win!

IMG_3900Can you even dye my lips to match my gown? Jolly good fun!

I wore the Wonder Woman crown on top of my head and upside down and it was done: $70 worth of makeup, a $25 dress and a $22 crown later, I had the perfect outfit for two events!

….and pretty much forever. I love this dress!

I went back to the con feeling at least a little awesome, and helped out at the photo booth for a second day. Drew was slammed and needed two of us. No wonder! His photos are amazing.

I signed up myself, thinking it would be fantastic to have a few professional photos of my costume before AN. I guess the other girl thought I was kidding about wanting photos because she put my release form directly in the no-show pile. I only found out later and only because I stayed on after she left.

I was going to stay another day, but you know me! The anxiety reacts to any strong emotion, and those hurt feelings quickly turned to self doubt, then nausea. I tried to sleep it off but woke up to one of the other guests smoking pot somewhere in the house and an even worse nausea.

I ended up getting an uber home at 5am and my bike is still in Burlington. Well I hope it is, when I try to pick it up today.

Total cost of the accidental con:

$20 bus ticket (waiting on 50% refund)

$112 airbnb

$60 Hot Topic

$100 food

$150 uber

I guess there are no free passes after all. Normally I would subtract from all of that the joy of doing a favor for a friend, but I’m not really counted as one in this situation: just a random Facebook helper who wanted to hang out at the photo booth for the day.

I would still have called it a wash if I had gotten some photos taken, as I’ve been known to pay upwards of $300 for a shoot, but that never happened either.

After all is said and done, my loves, it is 9am on Monday morning and I have nothing to show for a $400 layout other than a really fantastic red lipstick, a new crown and dress, and these:


….because the sequins on the dress rubbed my arms all day, cutting me everywhere. I’m going to have to fix that as well. That, and my grandma arms! Time to hit the gym.

I guess no good deed goes unpunished. I didn’t even have $45 left in my budget, which I went way over, to pick up my favorite Wolfe palette which a vendor was selling at the event.

No good deed goes unpunished.

But let’s end this on a happy note, like we do. Some photographers at the event DID take my photo, and I’ve emailed them to see if I can get copies of their snaps. Drew took some AMAZING photos of other people, so head over to his Facebook page if you want to check those out. The best hobby costumers in the world were all in one place at the same time for 3 days, and I got SO inspired!

This is going to be a great con season, I can already feel it. Stay tuned for 3 weeks of anime north prep and hopefully, some of those paparazzi photos! I think I photobombed Drew’s booth at least once too, to pose with a guy who made THE BEST wings out of pvc pipe and thin foam 🙂

We’ll see if that one gets posted!

Until then my lovelies!


Cat 💋


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