No-face cosplay: mock up stage

I haven’t made a costume in a long time, but I think I still remember how. I’m starting with a small-scale mock-up of the design I want to make, in order to create a pattern and work out any flaws.

Although small-scale clothing tends to stick out more than it’s bigger counterpart, I can kind of see how this outfit is going to come together. As a bonus, my niece got a (cheesy and unfinished but still kinda cute) no-face cosplay for her doll:

as well as a pretty dress 😉 Okay, no-face isn’t gold and blue, but I had the scrap fabric I had. Actually, I like these colors together and I will DEFINITELY be making a dress out of them later. But, I digress.

When finished, my no-face cosplay will consist of the following parts:

  1. A pair of black tights with gloves stitched to the ends for his hand/feet thingies.
  2. A black batwing tunic top.
  3. Shoulder length black gloves
  4. A sheer circle skirt layered under a shorter black circle skirt, to give me that “swish” I’m after when I walk.
  5. A thick belt/corset thingie to cinch the middle
  6. The no-face mask and cowl (of course)

My goal is to have an outfit I can wear as a really pretty dress, then put on the mask and immediately be transformed into some serious no-face. Let’s hope this works! When I’m finished my cosplay, I’ll be making a better one for the doll. Poor girl, her mask is just made of printer paper stitched poorly onto the hood.

I can’t wait to wear this to anime north and otakuthon! It sure has been a fun challenge so far!


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